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Sam Marie

I write the way I cook - with spice.


A story of twisted fates

Destiny and David live on separate sides of the country and work in entirely different industries. She is a human resources expert with a flourishing start-up in San Francisco. He is a veteran NFL quarterback living in New York City. Their lives couldn’t be more different. But when circumstance lands them in the same place and similar mindsets – single and on vacation in Tulum, Mexico – fate has the upper hand.

     While Destiny has sworn off dating due to historically unreliable, egotistical men, David is fed up with two-faced gold-diggers who use his fame as a means to an end.

     No matter how much they attempt to keep their distance, it seems destiny may have a bigger hand in the game, constantly drawing them together in a series of comical interactions that leave them frustrated in more ways than one.

    When reality finally pulls them apart, will it be their fate to end up together, or were these two doomed from the start?

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“People say if you think hard enough about what you want in life, your dreams will come to fruition. So I keep writing about the perfect book boyfriend.”

Sam Marie


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